The Cuban

The Cuban is a line of ballpoint pens with a tapered design leading thoughts to those of a cigar. The conception of these writing instrument basically stemmed from a wish and a belief that it would be possible to create a tool considerably nicer and more natural than the readily available products on the market - especially since it is my personal belief that a lot of the writing instruments from the established brands are heavily overpriced.

My own interpretation of a great ballpoint pen is a classical design crafted in quality materials - hardwoods and metal are the core. Specifially I had in mind what ultimately resulted in the Cuban ballpoint pen in black ebony, which you can view below. It is a simple and elegant design and a pen that is comfortable to hold and writes well. The mechanical parts are machined with precision machine tools in order to ensure functionality, and the wood - which  is the visually interesting part - is shaped and finished with hand tools. Each pen will thus be different because of grain structure in the wood and to a minimal extent as to shape. 

The collection of Cuban pens here are offered in different wood types, but all have similar weight and feel. Each Cuban also has the F. P. HOENGAARD brand engraved into its center ring.

As standard the Cubans write with a black gel-ink. This differs from what regular ballpoint pens are usually fitted as the gel ink is more easy-flowing, thus the writer only has to focus on guiding the pen rather than applying pressure to the paper. 

Each pen is delivered in a presentable box. International orders are welcome - shipping is always free.

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