The Chairman

In these times where the proliferation of smartphones, computers and internet access has long since drastically changed the way in which we communicate and work with text editing, something as ancient as a fountain pen might just seem like a novelty item. However, most of us probably recognise that we to some extent still write by hand to a certain extent on a daily basis, and sometimes it is just nice to go back to the good old ways and tools. 

In this regard, the Chairman-series definitely earns its existence. These pens are, as the name tries to imply, quite imposing due to their looks, size and weight. If you ever had to place your signature on something important, this would be the pen to do it with. If you would like a pen way out of the ordinary, The Chairman is definitely both a lovely tool for writing and something people will notice too. 

Each of the Chairmen are fitted with a screw-cap protecting the nib of the pen when it is not being used. The nibs can be removed and replaced as well for replacement of ink cartridges. Each pen is delivered in a presentable box. International orders are welcome - shipping is always free.

The Chairman-series will be expanded with different types of wood, and rollerball pens will be added. 

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